A modern approach to risk assessment

Have you ever filled out a traditional risk assessment questionnaire and thought to yourself, "What does conservative or moderately-aggressive actually mean?"

Being left unclear or having questions about the foundation of how advisors make investment recommendations regarding your savings makes us uncomfortable, and should make you as well. This could also lead to advisors making unsuitable investment recommendations.

Unlike many advisors, our risk assessment process is highly quantifiable, data driven, and takes the guesswork out of investing, which we believe leads to more suitable investment recommendations.

Quantifiable risk alignment

Your risk number will pinpoint exactly how much risk you want to have across your investments, eliminating the subjective labels that have made traditional risk assessments all but useless.

We then sync your global accounts to import your current portfolio’s risk number. This will clearly point out alignment or misalignment with your acceptable risk number.

From there, we build proposals that use hundreds of thousands of data points to better align your portfolio with the amount of risk and reward you are comfortable with.

Meet the team

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Jessie Renolds, Co-Founder and CEO
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Matthew Mays, Chief Sales Officer
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Rachel Nay, Co-Founder and COO
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Ray Benji, Chief Financial Officer

Be confident that your portfolio can withstand
volatile markets

What if the Fed raises interest rates again?

What if 2008 were to happen again?

Stress tests allow us to run different historical market scenarios to illustrate how your portfolio would have performed during various hypotheticals.

Protecting your downside over the long-term is often more impactful than "beating the market" in the short-term

95% of fund managers fail to beat the market. That's why we don't even try as we believe it will be setting you up for failure.

Instead, we manage risk and align portfolios with your specific goals. Our portfolios perhaps won’t make as much when markets are up, however they will lose a whole lot less when markets are down.

Making up ground after a bear market can take years, which means pushing your goals back. For instance, a 100% gain is required to restore a 50% loss. That's why protecting your hard earned savings is the key driver when we build portfolios.

What's your risk number?

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