A word from our founder

"For too long UK expatriates have been receiving financial advice in pieces. They typically have one advisor for their UK SIPP and/or QROPS, and another for their US investments. This approach can lead to gaps in advice, potentially unsuitable asset allocations, and most importantly, confusion regarding whether or not you're on track to achieve your financial and life goals.

WealthUnite Advisors was founded to provide holistic financial planning to US individuals and UK expatriates to give them a better understanding of how their global finances can work efficiently together under one clear, concise, technology driven plan.

After all, our number one goal is for you to achieve your goals."
-Eric DiAndrea
Founder, Head of Financial Planning

Core values


Limit conflicts of interest wherever possible by always acting in your best interests.

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Our fees are structured in a way where we do better when you do better.

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We pride ourselves on our proactiveness, responsiveness, and transparency.

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Life goals

We believe in a planning approach focused on thriving at various life events.

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We don’t believe in selling you products. We aim to deliver outcomes and financial freedom.

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We believe in dedicated human advice backed by industry leading technology.

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What is a fiduciary?

Not all financial advisors are fiduciaries. At WealthUnite, we take pride in being fiduciaries, because it means that we are always putting your interests ahead of our own. Unlike many financial advisors, we are not tied to or compensated by any one financial institution. We are a fully independent firm of licensed fiduciaries.

Simply put, we will always act in your best interest.

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Our Fees

At WealthUnite, we do not believe in selling you products or investments that we get compensated to do so. We believe in a fee-only approach. This means that our fees are structured in a way where we do better, when you do better. We believe this approach limits conflicts of interest as much as humanly possible and positions you for the highest likelihood of success.

Being totally independent also keeps our advice as unbiased as possible when it relates to where we recommend you invest your assets. We do not get financially compensated to place your assets with any institution, fund provider, or investments. We get compensated the same no matter where your assets are held or invested.

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Over $7.5M


Meet the team

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Jessie Renolds, Co-Founder and CEO
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Matthew Mays, Chief Sales Officer
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Jess Friend, VP Engineering
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Rachel Nay, Co-Founder and COO
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Ray Benji, Chief Financial Officer

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